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The only bad thing from this is that you make a loop if you make a longer version of that song it will be amazing just be careful of making it too repetitive, anyway keep on rockin' dude

YouriX responds:

Yeah the longer version will be on my album wich will be free for download and it wont cost you a thing ;)


I can't really say that the vocals did you a favor besides it's like too repetitive I know that you want a daft punk effect but c'mon you need to improve that beat so that way the listeners don't get bored so easily 'cause it's a long song, perhaps you could try for more beats i don't know, perhaps i'm saying this 'cause the electronic music i like is Psy, you should listen to Paranormal Attack to see what i mean, anyway i can see you have the potential to make a 10 song so you have my support ;)


pretty good but i don't think this song is grunge sounds more like progressive rock perhaps? or maybe if you remove a little bit of distortion ('cause the distortion sound good but in the solo i don't think so) could sound much better and you would have a 10 song right here ;)

It seems

like a song from tron or something like that haha but anyway sound good and actually i liked the intro is more interesting than the rest of the song haha

Hell yeah

amazing song that you modified dude sounds great with that beat i must say, keep on rockin' dude


I don't like too much hip hop, i prefer rock but this time i'll put a 9 'cause the song you use for the rhythm rocks, do you know the name of that song??? i'll be grateful dude


I must agree with the others reviews dude, too short perhaps you had a writer block and couldn't continue with that amazing and relaxing tune you have here haha but anyway it's going to my favorites songs 'cause that arpeggio (I think...) is awesome, keep on rockin' dude

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BiviZ responds:

Unfortunately, I forgot how it is played, and it will hardly be continued. =_=
I'm appreciate you ^_^


Cool song dude but i have my doubts in the genre that doesn't sounds grunge it sounds more electronic to me but i guess you try to do a dirty grunge song haha perhaps if you put some lyrics and you remove a little bit of the distortion the music is going to sound more aggresive and much better dude ;)

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Hell yeah

Probably the only thing that needs is some lyrics cause it feels like incomplete but besides that, the heavy chords and the relaxing guitar complete each other very well and the solo it was good perhaps too much tapping cause sometimes sounds too much noise and you get confused, anyway keep on rockin' dude !!!!

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LoveKavi responds:

Thanks a lot for the feedback!


I most say that i didn't think that a loop of 9 seconds could have the best score in indie genre haha, sounds great but c'mon at least a full minute? haha

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NewSoul responds:

Thanks ;)

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