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duuuuuuuuuuuuudeeeeee you made want to play megaman x5 again, really nice video keep on rockin'

daaaaaaaammmmmmmnnnnnn 3 times...... anyways sahara pals a must watch haha

i have no words, simply AWESOME dude!!! haha

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you have a nice idea an it could improve, the bad thing is that there is no challenge since you can press and hold Up and Right and you will always win,

Mattykins9 responds:

Yeah, you definitely found the secret. I wanted to get more creative with the obstacles but ran into some problems and I wasn't able to do as much as I wanted with it in the 48 hours for the game jam.

Maybe I'll add some new ones in the future though that will make the holding up+right strategy obsolete ;)

Thanks for playing!

you need to improve the jumping controls, perhaps a visible gauge so you can measure the jump

you missed to explain the buttons,
no olvides explicar el como funciona, si aun no lo terminas, aun no lo pongas

mtinfo responds:

Thanks for the comment, thank you and I'm getting better.

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amazing riff dude, I also liked the low tempo in the 3rd minute, sounds great and the recording with comparison to your first song it was a improvement.
And dude.... I was thinking at the end: I would end this with a phakin YEAH! and then you said it hahaha, I'm digging this, keep on rockin dude (Y)

Really nice song dude
Perhaps if you increase the vocals volume just a little bit would sound far better.
Kick ass solo my friend, keep it up!

dude2312 responds:

Thank you, PANFLETIN. I'll continue to upload more material as I become more acquainted with recording.

Nice song, that piano remind me Zelda OoT or MM, really nice outro also, keep it up!

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You need to look for the cover art of the album Once More Round The Sun from Mastodon, was your inspiration?
Keep it up

xxanemia responds:

never seen it but its pretty cool!

My nigga, I'm also trying to get the 100% in crash 3, I already did it in Crash 1 but damn, the 3 if phakin hard haha,
By the way nice shade effects, I loved that white ending

KingStinkie responds:

I'm having a lot more difficulty than I should have tbh. Good thing the games are so damn fun otherwise it would be a drag lol. Thanks dude!

damn, nice drawing dude, loved the design of the character and the shading effects created by the fire in the legs, nice, real nice (Y)

So... I've been hangin around, coming and going in this site for a while, let's keep it like that.
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