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duuuuuuuuuuuuudeeeeee you made want to play megaman x5 again, really nice video keep on rockin'

daaaaaaaammmmmmmnnnnnn 3 times...... anyways sahara pals a must watch haha

i have no words, simply AWESOME dude!!! haha

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like tha Crash bandicoot type game, i would only give a tiny lit bit more camera upfront, keep it up dude :)

with a better song and a score tracker it would be a decent game

FoolProofGaming1 responds:

Thanks ps i'll be sure to fix the issues!!! - Max

rip off game, with crappy song, step up dude

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My man,this is a really nice song i loved that break right before the solo and all the song feels like balanced I don't know how to describe it, btw, you should keep with the rock, metal type songs, NG in the old days had more of it, so we need more dudes like you, keep on rockin sir.

dude2312 responds:

Thank you, PANFLETIN. Comments like these keep me going!

real nice song dude, I loved the poem in it, perhaps a little bit overkill with the spelling but nah, it´s your style dude, keep it up,
I would only suggest to add a second vocal on the chorus,
Keep on rockin´ sir

amazing riff dude, I also liked the low tempo in the 3rd minute, sounds great and the recording with comparison to your first song it was a improvement.
And dude.... I was thinking at the end: I would end this with a phakin YEAH! and then you said it hahaha, I'm digging this, keep on rockin dude (Y)

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nice avatar / fma stuff you have here, I like the type of drawing you use, a lot of purple for my taste but I guess that´s the dynamic in the story,
keep it up

You need to look for the cover art of the album Once More Round The Sun from Mastodon, was your inspiration?
Keep it up

xxanemia responds:

never seen it but its pretty cool!

My nigga, I'm also trying to get the 100% in crash 3, I already did it in Crash 1 but damn, the 3 if phakin hard haha,
By the way nice shade effects, I loved that white ending

HelloPaolo responds:

I'm having a lot more difficulty than I should have tbh. Good thing the games are so damn fun otherwise it would be a drag lol. Thanks dude!

So... I've been hangin around, coming and going in this site for a while, let's keep it like that.
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