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Really nice song dude
Perhaps if you increase the vocals volume just a little bit would sound far better.
Kick ass solo my friend, keep it up!

dude2312 responds:

Thank you, PANFLETIN. I'll continue to upload more material as I become more acquainted with recording.

mmm nice riff, i think that if you add some chords in the back and a steady drum it will make a nice song.
keep on rockin'

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

nice! a really catchy song dude, perhaps some simple lyrics would have sounded good
keep on rockin'

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks. Yeah, lyrics to this sounds like a good idea, I might give it a try!

nice dude, but i don't think that this song can be tagged as a metal, rock- indie it sounds more electronic to me, anyways i think that if you increase the volume of the guitar it will sound much better

sumidiotdude responds:

I appreciate the tips buddy, thank you!

i love that song dude but, i think that slowing down the tempo it makes the song lose his mmm "flow" haha, anyways it's just an opinion keep on rockin' dude

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thndr responds:

Thanks bro, yeah I think so too, I kinda butchered it =D

haha damn i need to play that game again, anyways nice rmx although perhaps you could have add more beats in order to sound more catchy.
keep on rockin' girl

headphoamz responds:

Thank ya! :D

nice, you should work on that rhythm it sounds pretty rude and with some lyrics (also rude, but 0 scream, like talking fast) it would sound really great, anyway keep on rockin' dude

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thndr responds:

Thanks man

Holy prayer!!!!!!!

i have only listen 2 songs of you and damn girl!!! you sing pretty awesome, i really thought it was the real version and i have been playing that game this week, i fixed my PSone!!! :) haha, you should do a cover from silent hill and add some lyrics i don't know perhaps promise reprise? anyway keep on rockin' baby!!!

VGSongbird responds:

I have a friend who would be taken back if I did something from Silent Hill :D
Maybe. I do have quite a few things going right now. But I'll keep it in mind.

Thanks for listening.


it would be awesome to be the 100 review :( haha, anyway holy s...!!!!! awesome tribute girl, i have always think that zelda songs are great but you took this song to a whole level by adding lyrics i must say :), just one question? is that your voice? 'cause if it is you sing pretty GOOD it would be great to hear it live :) haha, going to favs and i'll need to hear more of your work haha, anyway keep on rockin baby!!!

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VGSongbird responds:

That is my voice ^_^
And thank you so much. I don't Auto-Tune; so it's basically live :D

Thanks for your support!


awesome tribute dude and for your first mix is quite amazing i must say, keep on rockin' dude!

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MiguelVolkov responds:

Thank you very much! I'll keep the good job!

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