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nice song but i cannot say if it's a great rmx or not 'cause i haven't played tht game, stuck in the PS2 :( haha, anyway keep on rockin' baby

Shanath responds:

Thanks. You should really get a PS3/360, you've been missing out on a ton of great games. xD

Thanks again.


i remember my times of castlevania IV haha, nice remix dude, like the fact that there are various songs in one haha, anyway keep on rockin' dude


nice cover dude, perhaps the only thing that ruins a little bit the song is the delay that you put in the guitar it sounds like 2 guitars and it feels like to much noise a clean guitar with just a little bit distortion without delay would sound better don't you think? anyway it remember old times haha and keep on rockin' dude


i like your song and all but i was expecting amore aztec sound you're playing with Quetzalcoatl dude at least an indian sound would have been nice, besides that a pretty good decent song, perhaps the clapping song(i think) it's a little bit repetitive don't you think?, anyway keep on rockin' dude

RupertCalding responds:

very true, man, haha. when I named the song I really wasn't thinking it to a direct ode to quetzalcoatl, more or less the lyrics will be a sort of metaphor to a guy who says he is pretty much the best and his own ego out of control. but thanks for taking a listen and I should actually make a Quetzalcoatl theme song now you mention it :O peace out man!


Who would think that senseless words could make a song sound really good haha i think that only a person with a good voice such as you can pull that off haha, anyway keep on rockin' baby


It feels like a Sesto Sento rmx, they use same beats just as you but they sound a little bit more quickly i think but it sounds a lot similar too some of their songs i don't know haha, anyway keep on rockin' dude

Higgins667 responds:

Thanks man, means allot. Although they don't use the same beats because I created this, I under stand some sounds may be similar.

Halloween haha

it sounds good, but i think the only problem is that it sounds too repetitive as other "gothic" songs that i listen here but oh well anyway if you add an extra rythim it could sound much better dude, keep on rockin' dude


The only bad thing from this is that you make a loop if you make a longer version of that song it will be amazing just be careful of making it too repetitive, anyway keep on rockin' dude

YouriX responds:

Yeah the longer version will be on my album wich will be free for download and it wont cost you a thing ;)


I can't really say that the vocals did you a favor besides it's like too repetitive I know that you want a daft punk effect but c'mon you need to improve that beat so that way the listeners don't get bored so easily 'cause it's a long song, perhaps you could try for more beats i don't know, perhaps i'm saying this 'cause the electronic music i like is Psy, you should listen to Paranormal Attack to see what i mean, anyway i can see you have the potential to make a 10 song so you have my support ;)


pretty good but i don't think this song is grunge sounds more like progressive rock perhaps? or maybe if you remove a little bit of distortion ('cause the distortion sound good but in the solo i don't think so) could sound much better and you would have a 10 song right here ;)

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