FL Studio 10

2013-11-02 18:50:56 by PANFLETIN

So a friend explain me how to use this program, but damn, it has a LOT of features haha.
Anyways I'll be uploading more songs as soon as I can so I need to improve over time.

Here's the first one:

Enjoy and keep on rockin'


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2013-11-02 19:27:13

I've never used FL. It seems everyone uses it.. Is it better than Logic?

PANFLETIN responds:

I guess that it's the same just that Logic is from Apple but who knows dude


2013-11-02 21:49:19

Another skid with new shiny toy.

PANFLETIN responds:

mmmm yeah.... I guess


2013-11-04 05:46:12

Yeah, FL Studio is a complex program. Nice and atmospheric track btw!

PANFLETIN responds:

really complex i must say haha and thanks dude i'll be uploading songs so feel free to check them out