Entry #1


2011-12-20 00:50:31 by PANFLETIN

Well first post and i must say i'm just making this with the hope of someone actually read this.

So... let's see i never knew what "creepypasta" mean until this Saturday that i was with some friends and we started talking about this and i was like mmm... interesting or perhaps it was the beers i don't know haha.

And so we were talking about the game Amnesia and the weird things of the cartoons like the "real" history of rugrats blah blah and so on, but one thing really catch my attention, a friend told us like a synopsis of a story from creepypasta that it really didn't sound that creepy but damn, pretty interesting i must say perhaps for a movie, a game or at least a book haha well that's what I think, let's see what do you think about it.

So the story it's called "The Strangers" (while you're reading the narrator tells you the reason of why Strangers, pretty clever, don't you think? haha ) and the basic subject of this story is like a tragic dimension traveling thanks to the metro from NYC, the only thing is that in the story the metro stops working at night and I think the subway system in the real life runs 24 hours everyday but besides that, the story is fu... awesome so give it a try if you have the time to read it :)

Finally i don't know the dude that write this story but damn he or she needs to get it published haha here is the link:
http://www.creepypastaindex.com/creepy pasta/the-strangers

And remember stay away from the Strangers... haha and keep on rockin' dudes!!!


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2012-01-02 15:46:57

I started reading it and I like it ^^ It's nice to see you finally made a newspost, too :D

PANFLETIN responds:

thanks a lot girl, hope you like the story it's awesome and yeah i guess is also nice to post something interesting well at least you read it :) and i found another story very good,perhaps later i will post it haha, anyway thanks and remember keep on rockin' baby ;)